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"We build diverse software products for Fin-Tech, and cutting edge technology. Our trustworthy products and services allow users to exchange any information confidently. Our ecosystems built uniquely which benefit heterogeneous businesses to expand from local to global." 

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Know more about SLR 67

SLR 67 was developed to help students get through their loan debt faster than they would on their own.

What We Offer

SLR 67 offers proper investment plans, thus students will stay away from debt during college.

Create Funds

We made sure to create funds where friends, family, and even employers can contribute small amounts that will exponentially increase that fund over time.

For Students

Unfortunately, free education is not a right, and not all will be privileged enough to get one. So if student loans are the only way, the least we can do is help them get out of debt faster.

Debt Free

We created SLR67 so that the students, the soon-to-be students, and those who have graduated, can picture themselves debt free.

APP Screenshots

Know more about SLR67, you can also visit www.slr67.net to learn more about this.

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